6 Mistakes That Can Compromise the Condition of Your Custom Motorcycle Paint Over Time

Custom motorcycle paint is a great way to personalize your bike. However, you need to put effort into preserving your custom motorcycle paint to keep it looking great over the long term.

The following are six mistakes to avoid that can compromise the condition of your custom motorcycle paint. 

Neglecting to wash your bike as frequently as you should

One of the most important things you need to do to maintain your custom paint job on your bike is regularly wash your bike. Routine cleanings of your paint job will remove dirt, dust, and other debris that can cause damage or scratches if they are not removed. 

Using excessively rough towels and sponges when you wash your bike

The towel or sponge you use when you wash your bike's paint will have an impact on the condition of your custom paint. Make sure that you're using a soft, wet towel, cloth, or sponge that is effective at cleaning grime away but won't cause any scratches. 

Frequently leaving your paint job exposed to direct sunlight

If you regularly park your bike out in the open under direct sunlight, this could lead to fading of your custom paint over time. Park in a garage or under the shade as much as possible to prolong the new appearance of your custom paint. 

Never waxing your bike

Waxing helps to keep grime from accumulating on the surface of your motorcycle paint. This means that waxing will maintain your custom paint job over time.

Set up a schedule for routine maintenance of your paint job that includes periodic waxing. Remember that it's essential for you to wash your paint job before you wax it to maximize the effectiveness of waxing. 

Failing to periodically inspect your custom motorcycle paint for scratches

Unfortunately, scratches are likely to eventually happen in your custom motorcycle paint. If you address scratches promptly, you'll minimize the effect they have on the appearance of your paint job. When you don't repair scratches, rust development and scratch expansion become likely.

Inspect your custom paint job regularly and make sure that you have touch-up work done promptly whenever you notice scratches.

Failing to invest in a good cover for your bike

Putting a cover over your bike protects your custom paint in numerous ways. For one thing, a cover protects your bike from sunlight. A cover also keeps dust, dirt, and grime off of your bike when it is sitting so that your paint job is kept cleaner.  

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