What to Tell the Auto Technician During the Next Appointment

If you are preparing to take your car to an auto repair shop, then you should expect to take the time to talk to a technician a little bit. These are some of the things that you will probably want to mention to the repair technician when you're having your vehicle repaired.

Problems You've Noticed With Your Car

The whole reason why you might be taking your car to an auto repair shop in the first place might be because you're dealing with some sort of mechanical issue or other problem. Give a description of the issues that you've been dealing with and all of the symptoms that you have noticed when you meet with an auto repair technician. This will help them pinpoint the issue with your car so that it can be diagnosed and repaired quickly.

Information You've Been Given By Other Technicians

Alternatively, you could be taking your car to a repair shop because a professional has already told you that there is something wrong with your vehicle. Be sure to share this diagnosis with your auto repair technician.

Work You've Had Done on Your Car Recently

If you have recently had maintenance or repairs done to your vehicle, you should mention these things to the technician, since this information could be helpful. A poorly performed repair might be contributing to the issue that you're dealing with, for example.

Whether or Not You Want Maintenance Done

You might be planning on taking your car to an auto repair shop so that you can have the necessary repairs done. Now might also be a good time for you to have maintenance done on your vehicle since it will already be in the shop. Let your auto repair technician know whether or not your vehicle needs basic maintenance during your appointment.

Whether or Not You Need a Loaner Car

This is not a service that is offered by all auto repair shops, but some shops do offer loaner cars or complimentary transportation for customers who are having work done there. If you need a loaner car while your vehicle is being worked on, don't be afraid to speak up and work with the auto repair shop to address the situation. 

In addition to bringing up the things above when meeting with an auto repair technician, make sure that you answer their questions accurately so that you can get the best possible service.