Two Questions About Common Auto Body Repair Needs

When your car suffers damages to its exterior, it is important for you to understand the steps for addressing the damage. Unfortunately, there are many people that may not have a very well developed understanding about auto body repair. If this applies to you, you might benefit from the following answers to common questions about auto body damage so that you can make sound choices when it comes to repairing your vehicle.  

How Are Paint Scratches Repaired?

Paint scratches can be among the more common damages that your car may sustain. Unfortunately, there are many drivers that will make the error of neglecting the importance of having scratched paint repaired. When this type of repair is delayed, it can allow moisture to get under the paint, which can lead to corrosion.

Luckily, it is fairly easy to repair paint scratches. As long as corrosion has not started to develop, it may be possible to use a paint patch kit. These kits contain small amounts of paints that can be blended to match the color of your car. Unfortunately, these repairs can be greatly complicated if corrosion has started to develop. When the auto's body has started to rust, the corrosion will need to be sanded away so that the paint patch can be applied. If the corrosion is not removed, the paint will be unable to bond to the car's exterior.

What Can Be Done To Correct Body Dents?

Dents can be another common form of damage that drivers will need to address. When the dents are relatively minor, it is possible for a mechanic to use paintless dent repair to correct them. This repair technique uses a tool that can create tremendous suction to pull the dents out of the body. While this option can be an extremely convenient way to have auto body damage repaired, it may not always be viable, and only an experienced mechanic will be able to inspect your car to determine whether paintless dent repair can be used to correct the body damage.  

Unfortunately, severe dents may not be able to use this repair approach. In these instances, it may be a better choice to opt for body filler. This is a material that can bond to the car's exterior, and it will be used to fill any dents that may have formed. While this can be an effective repair option, it will require the car to be repainted so that the filler material will match the rest of the car.

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