Someone Keyed Your Car? How To Transform The Scratches For Good

Since someone discovered that you could cause a lot of damage to keying the body of a car, it has become a very common event for anyone who finds themselves in a very jealous, possessive or unhealthy relationship. If you are on the receiving end of a car keying incident, there are a couple of ways you can turn those scratches into something good. Depending on the severity of the keying, the following suggestions can transform your damaged vehicle into something cooler.

Simple Scratches the Length of Your Vehicle

If your car only has simple scratches along the length of it, an auto repair shop can buff these out or fill them with a special epoxy. These epoxies come in several colors and can be used not only to fill the scratches but also to create fun, colorful designs over the top of the scratches. Since simple keying scratches are often lines that are almost straight down and at one particular height on the car, it may even be possible to make the scratches look like racing stripes or pin stripes that frequently come standard on most vehicles.

More Aggressive, Non-Descript Scratches

Okay, so your vehicle's assailant was a little more aggressive with the keying. Do not worry--a little extra auto body paint can still turn this into something positive and cool. Special auto body stencils and paint layering techniques can hide and fill the scratches quite well. Your technician may need to get a little creative with the designs, but you will have the opportunity to look over the designs before making a decision and having the technicians proceed.

Foul Words Carved into Your Car

This is the most serious level of damage, but there are still options for fixing it. For example, if the less-than-flattering words were carved into the hood of your car, there are dozens of decals that can be applied to the hood to magically erase the unpleasantness underneath. Slightly deeper scratches used to make these foul words can be buffed out, and the whole surface is smoothed and prepared to receive the decals. If the words are carved into your vehicle's doors, you can invest in custom car wraps and a little paint to "erase" the words from view. If the words are carved into your vehicle's trunk door, you may be able to hide them with a spoiler accessory, bumper stickers or custom paint job. Contact a shop, like, for more help.