How To Make Your Child's High School Graduation Memorable

If your child is graduating from high school, there is definitely a lot going on in your life. Besides doing things like helping your child prepare for final exams and making sure college applications have been turned in, there is the fun element of graduation, too. Here are some ideas that might inspire you to honor your graduate's accomplishments in a very memorable way. A good thing to do is to focus on three special things. Those three things are a special event, messages from special people in your child's life and your child's graduation gift.

A Special Event - Unless you want it to be a surprise, it is probably a very good idea to involve your child in the planning of a special graduation event. If he or she is truly social, a party animal, then you might want to have a party. Remember it doesn't have to be expensive. Even a backyard barbecue would be fun. If your child would rather have a more intimate event, a family dinner at the restaurant of his choice with just close friends might be just the ticket. Either way, don't forget to toast the graduate, even if it's with canned sodas! No matter what you decide to do for the graduation celebration, remember it's a lot more fun to get invitations through the mail than electronically.

Special Messages - Perhaps your child already has a yearbook that is signed by teachers and friends, and that is great. However, a very thoughtful thing for you to do is to collect letters from people who have been an important part of your child's life. Include grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, siblings, church youth leaders, neighbors and anybody else you can think of that has touched your child's life. Of course, your letter expressing love and appreciation for a job well done will surely become a treasure. Tie all the letters together. Use a pretty ribbon for a girl graduate or raffia for a son. Another idea is to place all the letters in a beautiful wooden box that your child will keep forever.

A Special Gift - Does your child already have a car? Perhaps he or she has been sharing a family car and will be needed wheels to go off to college. A car is an amazing gift, and it certainly doesn't need to be a brand new one. A great idea is to have your child's present car spiffed up with custom hydrographics. Can you imagine the look on your child's face when he or she sees that you went way beyond the extra mile to have his or her car made very unique? This type of water transfer printing gives a tough decorative finish that is extremely durable, and it is affordable, too. Choose from many different designs, from a red, white and blue patriotic design to the look of camouflage. If your graduate is a girl, consider pink or purple with black for a dramatic leopard design. Another idea for either a guy or a guy is to combine racing stripes with a monogram. Talk about distinctive!

Don't forget to take lots of pictures, as you'll want to frame some of them as keepsakes.