4 Tips to Help You Maintain Heavy Equipment and Keep Your Operation Costs Down

If you have a business that relies on machinery, maintaining the heavy equipment is important. It will not only help you get more life out of your machinery, but it can reduce repair costs and ensure that your machines remain a valuable asset to your company. Doing simple things like regularly greasing parts can greatly extend the life of heavy machinery. Here are some tips to help you with maintenance to ensure your machinery is working when you need it most and not costing you extra money:

1. Inspect Your Machinery before You Use It

If you want your heavy equipment to last for many years, it is important to inspect it before each use. This may be easy if you are the only operator, but it can be difficult if you employ several operators. To ensure inspections are done, make it a company policy to examine machinery regularly. To enforce this, you can have inspection forms filled out during the work week.

2. Regularly Grease Moving Parts to Prevent Friction Wear

Another important maintenance task that needs to be done with machinery is the greasing of moving parts. Machinery may have bearings and transfer cases with parts that need lubricant to prevent friction and wear. There are also connections for arms that may have joints that can wear out quickly. To prevent some of  the common wear on your machines, grease these parts regularly to reduce friction and improve operation of equipment.

3. Replace Dry Rubber Seals and Gaskets When Doing Regular Maintenance

More regular maintenance that you will need to schedule includes the changing of fluids and tuning your heavy equipment. With machinery, there are also additional fluids, seals, and gaskets that can wear. When you do the scheduled maintenance for your machines, you will also want to check some of the parts that commonly wear and need replacing, as well as fluids for systems such as hydraulics.

4. Change and Check All the Fluids of Your Machinery to Ensure Proper Operation

If you want to avoid some of the many common problems with your machinery, checking the fluids regularly can help prevent wear and identify issues. You will want to check the oil, transfer-case fluid, and hydraulic fluid, as well as things like coolant. Like the brakes on a car, hyrdaulic systems will not work if they have air in the lines or are low on fluid, which is why it is important to check them often.

These are some maintenance tips that will help you get the most out of your heavy equipment. If you need help with repairs and upkeep of your machinery, contact a heavy equipment repair service like Florida TRUCK & Trailer CO to help with the maintenance and repairs your machines need.