Tips For Regaining Your Confidence After An Auto Accident

After you've been in an auto accident, finding the right auto body shop can have your vehicle looking as good as new. While your mechanic will repair the obvious damage, you might find that it's a bit of a struggle to get over the psychological damages that resulted from your accident. Beyond the physical damage to your vehicle, being in an auto accident can shake your confidence as a driver, especially if you were at fault. While you might be taking some time away from driving while your vehicle is being repaired, the reality is that you'll be back behind the wheel before long. Here are some tips for regaining your shaky confidence as a driver.

Think Analytically

Breaking down your history as a driver and understanding that your accident was just one small mistake can remind you that the overwhelming majority of the time, you're a very safe driver. Think about how long you've had your license, how many miles are on your vehicle and/or how many hours you spend driving in a given week, month or year. When you think about all these factors, it's impossible to realistically think that you're accident-prone or that you're likely to have a collision as soon as you start to drive again.

Read Your Driver's Manual

Dig up the manual that you bought when you studied for your driver's test or buy the manual at your local bookstore. Going through these pages while your vehicle is being repaired can slowly help you regain your confidence by reminding you about a number of safe-driving tips. For example, if your accident occurred because you were following another motorist too closely, the manual will have some tips to consider on how to follow at a safe distance. If your confidence is really shaky, consider taking a defensive driving class to really improve your driving safety.

Build Confidence With Short Trips

Once you visit the auto body shop to pick up your newly repaired vehicle, don't try to overdo your approach to driving. Instead, work on building your confidence with a series of short trips. Take a drive to the bank, post office, grocery store or another nearby location in your community. When you arrive back home, you'll be able to see that you drove safely -- over time, these short trips will build your confidence and you'll be able to start taking longer trips as you feel ready.

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