How To Fix Your Car After Hail Damage

If you get caught in a hailstorm, it is not only a challenge to drive, but your car can take quite a beating. If you have small nicks, dent and other damage due to hail, the following tips will help you get them fixed.

Park or Drive in Direct Sunlight

If the sun has come out after the hailstorm is gone, you're in luck. If you can get an excessive amount of direct sunlight than shines on your car, you may be able to start fixing small dents. When your car gets an abundant amount of sunlight, the dents can heat up and expand. It won't happen fast, so you will need to park your car in direct sunlight for the majority of the day. This may only work if you in a hot region with a lot of high temperatures and very little cloudy days.

Use a Hair Dryer

Another common method for fixing a car after it has dealt with hail damage is by using a hair dryer. The heat of a hair dryer can help you to pop out the dent. You will need to hook up the hair dryer to an extension cord, then turn it on. Point it directly at the dents caused by the hailstorm. Point it at the dents for a couple minutes, let the dent rest for several seconds, then do it again. With multiple dents, point it toward each for a couple minutes before moving on to the next. Make sure the hair dryer doesn't actually come in contact with the car, but that you get it close enough to provide heat to the dent.

Add Dry Ice

If the hair dryer isn't working on its own, you can also try to use dry ice in addition to it. For this method, hold a block of dry ice to the damaged area of the car and leave it there for a couple minutes. You know it has sat there long enough when frost has started to accumulate on the surface of the damaged area. Pull away the dry ice and turn on your hair dryer. Repeat the previous process by pointing it directly at the dent and holding it there on high power. This allows the heat of the hair dryer to reach the frost from the dry ice, which can help lift the dent.

If there was sufficient damage to your car, you may need to get a new paint job as well. If so, it is better to leave the repairs up to a professional auto body repair shop, like Space Age Auto Paint Store. They can help smooth out the damage and dents from the hail, then give it a fresh coat of paint.